As It Is have a habit of teasing fans. Prior to the release of ‘okay.’ they posted glitching photos and mystery dates and recently the band have been sending yet more cryptic messages, stating “the crash is coming” and sending letters to fans in the form of a newspaper. Well now we know what it all means. The release of ‘The Wounded World’ unveils a new era for As It Is, including a new look for front man Patty Walters.

When I first heard this track I was a little shocked; it’s not the pop-punk we have come to know and love, however, the further into the track I got, the more I started to love it. The more mature sound certainly suits the band and with their appearance at Slam Dunk Festival and a special acoustic tour coming up, this song will be making quite the impact at live shows.

Since the release of ‘okay.’ As It Is have not been afraid to address serious issues in their music and this track is no different. If this is the direction As It Is are heading for their third album, then I think we’re all in for a treat.