Birthmarks drop video for new single ‘How Do You Rule Me’

By Dave Stewart

London based rock trio Birthmarks have just dropped their brand new single ‘How Do You Rule Me’. Formed from the ashes of their earlier moniker Little Death Machine, they fuse together elements of electronica, trip-hop and rock to deliver powerful, raw and emotive songs. With their new record ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ due for release on September 20th, this song provides a perfect insight into what to expect from the record.

“‘How Do You Rule Me’ is the result of a sobering realisation that I had an unhealthy obsession with someone that had completely taken over my life,” explains front man Daniel Cross. “It creates a very ugly version of yourself, completely contrived and pre-planned to the point that you lose yourself. I felt anchored in the middle of an emotional ocean by this person with no land in sight. The worst part of this kind of obsession is that you start to enjoy it, it becomes a part of you and part of your identity. They become the reason you do anything.” When you combine this brutal honesty with the sombre and brooding tones of the music, it’s difficult to not be seduced by the bands unique and innovative sound.

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