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From Monday 11 February 2019

Crystal Lake – ‘Helix’

If you’re a metalcore fan and you’ve been paying attention over the last few years, Crystal Lake is probably a name that you’re familiar with. The Japanese heavyweights have been carving up quite the reputation for themselves, getting better with every release and packing an impressive punch when performing

Sunday 03 February 2019

LIVE: Jimmy Eat World / Saltwater Sun @ Rock City, Nottingham

Jimmy Eat World are a well loved, hugely appreciated and greatly respected band. They provided a soundtrack for a generation and haven’t stopped creating since, all the while becoming renowned for putting on an incredible live performance. It isn’t very often that they grace British shores, so it’s unsurprising

Friday 01 February 2019

LIVE: Architects / Beartooth / Polaris @ Wembley Arena, London

When one of the country’s most beloved heavy bands announces a show at a venue like Wembley Arena, there’s only one way to react. You tell all your friends to buy tickets and you all travel from wherever in the country you

Friday 25 January 2019

King 810 – ‘Suicide King’

King 810 are, without doubt, the world’s most dangerous band. Their reputation precedes them. They hail from a city affectionately known as Murder Town. They’ve had shows shut down due to rioting. They’ve had various run ins with the law. Vocalist David Gunn is covered in entry wounds from

Puppy – ‘The Goat’

Puppy is a name for a young dog – also known as a pupper or a doggo, depending on who you talk to. Puppy is also the name of a three piece rock outfit hailing from London. This article focuses on the

Friday 18 January 2019

Fever 333 – ‘Strength In Numb333rs’

Fever 333 have an incredible amount of hype surrounding them right now. They appeared almost out of nowhere back in July 2017, introducing themselves to the world by bursting out the back of a U-Haul truck to play an energetic whirlwind of a show in a parking lot. A

Wednesday 16 January 2019

River Becomes Ocean – ‘A Motion Paralysed’

River Becomes Ocean may be a name that you’ve not come across before, but it won’t stay like that for long. The Brighton based quintet have been grinding away for years, releasing infectious post-hardcore and touring in support of scene heavyweights like Silverstein and Framing Hanley. The newest addition

Wednesday 09 January 2019

Get Addicted to River Becomes Ocean

Do you like heavy music? Do you like big hooks and infectious melodies? Do you fall in love with bands that can perfectly marry them together? If so, then River Becomes Ocean are a band to keep an eye on. The Brighton based quartet are set to release their new

Friday 16 November 2018

Memphis May Fire – ‘Broken’

Memphis May Fire are an important band for this generation. They are unafraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, giving their already powerful music more depth – and that depth is something that their fans revel in, as the majority are able to relate to the issues and struggles

LIVE: Rolo Tomassi / Blood Command / Cassus / Bone Cult @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

It’s almost a tradition in alternative music to put on shows that fall on Halloween. Bands treat it a bit like a rite of passage – like you can’t call yourself a heavy band if you haven’t played a Halloween show. Rolo Tomassi aren’t strangers to hosting events on