Three Colours Red – London Camden Underworld

By bushy

*This show was at Islignton Academy – our database lets us down again!*

The scene outside the Islington Academy was strangely subdued for what I considered to be quite an event for music fans of a certain age. Tonight was the last ever performance (again!) by 3 Colours Red, a band that came tantalizingly close to major success on a number of occasions. However, upon my arrival there was no queue, and, upon entering the venue, no crowd either. Thankfully, this changed and by the time the headliners took the stage the venue had filled to capacity. Unfortunately it did mean a couple of the supports had to play to a sparse room.

First up on the bill were Along Came Man, a band that I hadn?t encountered previously. It was clear from couple of songs in, though, that they aren?t going to stay off the radar for long. They play a brand of pop-rock and are competent musicians and entertainers. With great harmonies and some solid songs these guys are a band to keep an eye on.

Next up were The SmashUp, a band that clearly displayed their metal leanings for all to see. Whilst, they did leap about the stage and showcase a potential for more, on the night the songs seemed to blend into each other. Full marks to the drummer though ? a one man entertainment machine!

Danny McCormack, best know for his role as bassist for The Wildhearts, is a man whose career has been full of highs and very public lows. How appropriate then, that he is back with The Yo-Yo?s, and on a night when his brother Chris leaves the musical arena. Tonight the man and the band are on great form, blasting through some old favourites and some new tracks. The likes of ?Given Up Giving Up? settle in nicely with ?Home from Home? and ?Sunshine Girl?. The band even returned to the stage to a deserved encore with ?Keepin on keepin on?.

As good as The Yo-Yo?s are though, tonight belongs to 3 Colours Red. When the band hit the stage and launch into ?Paralyse? the crowd respond in full voice and don?t stop singing along until the very end. This is very much a set for the fans with only one song, ?The World is yours?, coming from the new album. There is a swagger and speed to 3 Colours Red tonight as they give every song their all. ?This is my Hollywood? and ?Nuclear Holiday? get the whole crowd bouncing and ?Copper Girl? and Fit Boy + Faint Girl? showcase the slower more subtle side to the band. After a decade of music the 3CR finally bring the curtain down with ?Beautiful Day? and ?Hateslick?. This was a set that reminded you exactly why you fell in love with this band in the first place.

So, four bands, and a great night?s entertainment at the Islington Academy ? which proves again that it is one of London?s best venues. 3 Colours Red have left their imprint on the UK music scene over the years and this show will ensure they remain in a lot of people?s memories for a good while longer.