LIVE: Takedown Festival at Southampton University [11/05/13]

By Lais

Today sees the return of Takedown Festival to the University of Southampton, and it is an utter triumph. There’s a fantastic turnout for all bands and it’s slickly organised. The only flaws of today are that some bands run over, meaning that most stage times are slightly delayed, and there are some sound issues on the Monster stage, but they’re small flaws to deal with compared to the sheer victory of the whole day.

Our first band of the day are We Butter The Bread With Butter on the Monster Energy stage. They have an absolutely terrible band name and their merch has toast on it, but they sure know how to pack out a room before 4pm. They seem to have a fairly rabid following, and they put on a pretty good show which ends with confetti falling from the ceiling. Next time they’ll be further up the bill.

Next up are TRC, and they couldn’t be more different to the previous band. Whatever you think of them, TRC put on an absolutely stellar show every single time they set foot on a stage. They’ve got the confidence, the swagger and some killer tunes – ‘#TEAMUK’ and ‘Define Cocky’ go down a storm. They suffer from sound issues, but regardless, they are just as brilliant as ever. Utterly fantastic.

Decade play the Southampton Music stage, and although they start off playing to a fairly sparse crowd, they draw in a lot more simply by putting on a good show. Definite ones to watch. Over on the main stage are We Are The Ocean, who show that practice really does make perfect. They’ve already done a couple of festivals this year and it shows: their set is just as tight as ever and the sound is flawless.

Next on the main stage are the mighty Don Broco, who genuinely smash every single stage they set eyes on. A few weeks ago they were headlining Hit The Deck, and tonight they draw a crowd to rival that one. Kicking off with the massive ‘Priorities’, they unleash ‘the walk’ to sheer adulation in the crowd. Combining their signature moves with bangers like ‘Whole Truth’ and standard push up squad action in the crowd, Don Broco have got playing live down to a tee. Just try and rival them, because you probably won’t win. Another sheer triumph for the DB chaps. Excellent work.

Tonight’s headliners are The Blackout, who sadly clash with Northern wonders While She Sleeps who are playing on the Monster Energy stage. By all accounts, While She Sleeps put on a stellar show tonight, but we only manage to catch The Blackout, who are flying the flag for Wales on the main stage. Regardless of what you think of them, they are one of the finest live bands in the UK and are always an incredible treat to watch. Cracking out all the hits, like ‘Start The Party’ and ‘Save Ourselves’, The Blackout are on top form tonight. Ending with ‘I’m A Riot? You’re A Fucking Riot!’, the whole set has been glorious.

From headliners The Blackout to the Uprawr aftershow party, Takedown has been an utter success. Hats off, Southampton.