LIVE: Parkway Drive @ The Underworld, Camden

By William Scott

While the London is getting set for part two of the “Beast From The East” saga, there is no shortage of warmth in a packed out Underworld on a Friday night as Parkway Drive lay waste to one of their old stomping grounds.

There anticipation is hot in the air as the lucky few who managed to grab tickets to this exclusive event, which sold out in under an hour, are kept entertained by Polar, the single support for this evening’s activities. Polar do a great job of warming up the crowd and are well received from this crowd. With power, energy and raw passion for doing what they love, they provide an excellent beginning for what lies ahead.

By the time the lights dim there isn’t room to move on the floor level of Underworld but no one cares, they’re here to scream their hearts out at Australia’s best export – Parkway Drive. Opening with new track ‘Wishing Well’ this isn’t a standing start, the band are energised and are quick to bring the positive vibes as they follow up with ‘Vice Grip’. The chant of “One Life, One Shot, Give It All You Got” must have been heard from miles around as it was deafening inside this packed out basement venue.

The last time Parkway Drive played Underworld it probably featured much of the same setlist as tonight as the band opt to celebrate ten years of ‘Horizons’ by playing a smattering of tracks from their breakthrough record. Other highlights include the monstrous sing-alongs of ‘Wild Eyes’ and other new single, ‘The Void’, which had only just been released for public consumption.

Stage diving a plenty in this room that has reached such a temperature the cool air bursting from the A/C is now visible to the naked eye. The band are tight musically and at times, it is almost some kind of joke that they’re doing this last minute show in Underworld, it is almost completely unbelievable. This band tearing apart a venue they used to frequent many years before.

Closing with ‘Bottom Feeder’ after 13 other tracks, they could have played all night. B-Sides, covers, anything from the back catalogue and no doubt everyone here would stick around for it, they really are just that good.  Catch Parkway Drive when you can next, rest assured that there isn’t a venue in Camden town that can hold them now, Wembley Arena or The Alexandra Palace beckons.