LIVE: Fizzy Blood / Forever Cult / Koyo @ Headrow House, Leeds

By Emma Greveson

Headrow House is noisy, with music beating through every wall as you make your way to the venue. Tonight we’re warmed up with psychedelic progressive rock from Koyo. The audience are somewhat mesmerised by their performance with their long experimental pieces which are clearly very creatively written. It is obvious that the band members are passionate about their music and fully immerse themselves in their playing.

Alternative rock band Forever Cult bring energy to the room with spitting vocals and their constant commitment to the entertainment of the audience, there’s no wonder that Fizzy Blood have invited them to support them tonight.

With the audience having been headbanging for a good hour and a half already, the whole venue comes alive when Fizzy Blood burst on to the stage. ‘I’m No Good’, a single that they released in 2015 kicks off the night and is shortly followed by newest single ‘CFO’ which is well received by the audience.

Lead singer Benji Inkley makes a heartfelt thank you to the audience; this show is a sold out home show which they have been working towards since the very start of Fizzy Blood. Inkley repeats “thank you, thank you, thank you” over and over until they are into the next song. You can see that the band are really grateful to those who have helped them to get to this moment in time.

Throughout the set, there is face-pulling coming from bassist Ciaran Scanlon that is now infamous and has become part of the whole show. Scanlon makes a real effort to engage with the audience, making eye contact and making himself known. There are gurns coming from drummer Jake Greenway too, with the occasional break to wink at his bandmates and the audience. Greenway and Scanlon together make great entertainment and add to the band’s persona.

By the end of the set, Fizzy Blood has played a mixture of blasts from the past from their first EP ‘Feast’ and newer music from their most recent ‘Summer of Luv’. The final track ‘January Sun’ literally gets guitarist Paul Howell on his knees, and keyboardist/guitarist Tim Malkin has a break from wiggling his hips and joins the audience for a dance. Out of nowhere, a mosh pit breaks out – now it is utter madness in the room. The set ends, and Fizzy Blood make their way off stage, leaving the audience thrilled by what they’ve just experienced.

Tonight’s gig has fulfilled expectations – it was dynamic, engaging and full of great music. Fizzy Blood will continue to deliver great live music and entertain their fans up and down the United Kingdom and beyond.