LIVE: City and Colour / Lucy Rose @ Troxy, London

By Jess Tagliani

Even now, despite the fact that Dallas Green has been going strong with his acoustic act City and Colour, it’s still amazing to realise just how different this group is compared to his old outfit Alexisonfire. But no matter; tonight is a celebration of City and Colour’s wonderful music and their latest release, ‘If I Should Go Before You’.

Lucy Rose starts the night off with her quirky and gorgeous acoustic music; tracks such as ‘Middle Of the Bed’ are delivered with silky-smooth vocals that resonate within the room. She’s an incredibly talented woman, which is demonstrated when her band join her onstage. Her music is gentle, yet she captivates the crowd with every note and chord. By the time she’s finished everyone in the room is in awe of her.

When City and Colour take to the stage, an expectant hush falls across the crowd and it pretty much stays that way for most of the night. Entranced by the change in his delicate guitar-picking to a rush of good ol’ rock, Dallas Green maintains his subtlety when playing newer tracks such as the nine-minute long ‘Woman’ and ‘If I Should Go Before You’. He brings in heady darkness with nods to his older material, like ‘Sleeping Sickness’ – it’s here that the room comes together, singing along to the chorus with a fierce passion.

His encore, which sees him pull out ‘Body In a Box’ and ‘The Girl’, marks the end of a fantastic night, accompanied by a frankly brilliant light show. Constellations of blue and white lights heighten the atmosphere within the Troxy.

The songs that City and Colour perform are solemn ballads but resonate with everyone in the room. In one way or another, each song means something to every individual. City and Colour consistently deliver, continuing to raise the bar.


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