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From Tuesday 11 August 2015

Tickets Up For Fastlane Reunion Show

Guildford Pop Punks Fastlane announced a reunion show to mark the tenth anniversary of their ‘New Start’ album. Tickets are now up for the gig, being held at the University of Surrey student union.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Fastlane Announce ‘New Start’ 10 Year Reunion Show

Guildford Pop=Punks Fastlane are to play a one off reunion show on September 12th at Guildford University to mark 10 years since the release of their ‘New Start’ album. Full lineup and ticket sale links to follow.

Tuesday 25 October 2005

Fastlane – Cleethorpes Beachcomber

There’s one thing about the Winter Gardens that strikes you as you walk in – it’s like a fucking youth club. And a big one at that. There are kids everywhere – the place is teeming with 12-year-olds (there were easily 300 of the fuckers) and you can almost

Monday 13 June 2005

Fastlane – Cleethorpes Beachcomber

Since when did gigs in Cleethorpes suddenly be THE place to go on a Friday night? If you’re under 14 of course – Jesus fucking wept, the Winter Gardens has turned into a creche, full of pre-pubscents copping off with their peers or playing kiss chase across the foyer.

Wednesday 17 November 2004

Fastlane – Leeds Packhorse

After this year’s summer Bash and all the things that went wrong (the lights, the men ‘upstairs’ switching around set times, the reaction from certain people to things out of our control), I’d really had enough of putting on gigs. The sparkle of the previous events

Wednesday 25 August 2004

Fastlane – Leeds Packhorse

There’s a lot to be said for idiots who happily travel 80 miles on a Monday evening for a gig, then to go to bed at 12.30am, get up at 5.50am and drive the 80 miles back to get to work on time. I’m not sure if it’s

Monday 31 May 2004

Fastlane – Kingston Peel

With a name as intriguingly fantastic as

Monday 12 January 2004

Fastlane – Kingston Peel

This gig was at the Guilford Community Centre. Tonight I remembered why I