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From Monday 01 July 2024

Download Festival 2024 – Saturday

LIVE: Download Festival 2024 – Saturday

Day Two of Download is the one you’ve probably heard most about by now from your mates; the endless downpours, fans face-planting into the mud outside the Avalanche Stage, and enough technical disruptions to make you grind your teeth in despair. But with a day jam-packed with acts as

Monday 26 February 2024

LIVE: Enter Shikari @ Wembley Arena

“It’s gonna be a good one,” nods the guy at the box office. Even before the supports, the crowd are beyond ready to see Enter Shikari, springing into moves at the drop of a neon baseball cap. Signs flit between warnings of drones overhead and blush pink retro merch

Enter Shikari, Fever333 @ Nottingham Motorpoint Arena

Friday 01 December 2023

Top 25 Albums Of The Year

Saturday 10 June 2023

LIVE: Slam Dunk Festival 2023 @ Hatfield Park

Sold-out and stacked with some huge names, 2023 marked the now iconic Slam Dunk’s biggest event to date. Fans sardined in caused plenty of teething problems on the day, but did the music deliver? Silly question, of course it did. Words: Aaron Jackson and Yasmin Brown

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Enter Shikari – ‘A Kiss For The Whole World’

The measure of a truly great band is how often and how successfully they can completely reinvent their sound. This is something Enter Shikari have been doing since day one; while every one of their albums sounds quintessentially Shikari, each sounds worlds apart from its predecessor. As a result, they’ve

Monday 06 March 2023

LIVE: Enter Shikari @ Outernet

Being a relatively new venue certainly didn’t hold back Outernet as it readied itself to host Enter Shikari. Being three floors below street level does apparently have its advantages, most obviously being the astute absence of light we were plunged into, as silence enveloped the room and

Enter Shikari, Noah Finnce, Blackout Problems @ New Century Hall, Manchester

Saturday 24 September 2022

LIVE: Leeds Festival 2022: Sunday

A staple of British culture and somewhat riddled with controversy, this year’s Leeds festival was set to take a stride forward into new territory. What used to be a lineup filled with primarily rock and indie offerings has morphed in line with the music zeitgeist. Whether part