Yours Truly – ‘Self Care’

By Dave Stewart

If you’ve been emotionally hurt by the absence of the usual yearly wave of pop punk, you won’t have to be in pain for much longer. Sydney based quartet Yours Truly are about to release debut album ‘Self Care’ and it single-handedly makes everything better. Borne out of a period of anxiety and internal turmoil, the creation of the album became a hands-on healing process for the band as they struggled to balance their growing success alongside university studies, broken relationships, and feelings of uncertainty and doubt. The process definitely worked for them, coming out on the other side stronger, happier people – and they hope its healing qualities have an effect on you, too.

The good vibes burst into action right from the get go with ‘Siamese Souls’, the bouncy tempo and punchy guitars working together to get your head immediately bopping and your feet tapping. Throw an insatiable chorus into the mix courtesy of ultra-talented front woman Mikaila Delgado and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect album opener, tickling all of your tastebuds in preparation for everything that follows. Believe us, your hunger will be satisfied.

‘Ghost’ is a solid slab of classic pop punk delivered with heaps of grit and more hooks than you’ll know what to do with. The punchy dual guitar attack of axe duo Teddie Winter-Haron and Lachlan Cronin connects like a sledgehammer to a cake, drenching you with sweet, tasty treats for the entire duration. The velvety and luscious ‘Vivid Dreams’ is brimming with chilled vibes, bluesy licks and meditative vocals that erupt into a laid back but powerful chorus that both soothes and excites. Radio-primed smash ‘Together’ will leave you starry-eyed, pulsing with addictive pop sensibilities and a gorgeous chorus that will have you immediately under its spell. If you’re liking the sound of this so far, you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of magic left to uncover.

Gigantic anthem ‘Composure’ has the potential to hypnotise an entire festival, the fierce and fiery guitars blending perfectly with the pounding drum work of Bradley Cronan, as Delgado’s stunning melodies radiate positive vibes through every heartfelt word. Dreamlike acoustic tones flow from ‘Half Of Me’, a sincere and poignant ballad that strips back the barriers to expose all of the band’s most delicate features. There’s the emotive and hauntingly catchy ‘Funeral Home’, the gigantic and bouncy fun-fest ‘Glass Houses’, and the elegant and graceful lullaby ‘Undersize’, but there’s one track in particular that stands out from the pack.

Closer ‘Heartsleeve’ is the glistening diamond of the record, utilising every trick they’ve deployed throughout the album to create something truly magical. Subtle and moody verses, elating choruses, and an emotional tidal wave of a finale all collide together, surging a rush of feeling through your body to make your hairs stand on end. It’s a powerful and moving conclusion to a great album that won’t just tick all your pop punk boxes, it’ll make you feel good right down to your core, too.

Mental health and self preservation is so important, possibly now more than ever. If you need an outlet, a shoulder to cry on, and some honest and heartfelt words to remind you that you’re not alone, then listen to ‘Self Care’. It bandages your wounds when they cause you pain, it wraps its arms around you when you need some solace, it picks you up when you’re feeling low and lost. This is a comfort blanket in audio form and you won’t want to move from underneath it for a very long time; full of strength, growth, positivity and happiness, spreading the good vibes through its sound waves to provide you with a healing process of your very own. A fun, powerful, sun-soaked charmer of an album that should be a must listen for any pop punk fan.

After everything that’s happened this year a lot of us could do with a helping hand, and Yours Truly are more than happy to extend theirs. ‘Self Care’ is that hand, and it’s strong enough to grip tightly onto whatever is weighing you down. All you have to do is reach back. Do it. You won’t regret it.


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