Rob Lynch – ‘Baby, I’m A Runaway’

By Louis Kerry

Having toured his debut album extensively, including a stint on the US Warped Tour a few years ago, English singer-songwriter Rob Lynch has returned with ‘Baby, I’m A Runaway’; a more refined, cultivated and better produced second outing.

Musically, ‘Baby, I’m A Runaway’ is very similar to his debut, which is a smart move to make. It’s too early for Lynch to attempt a radical departure from what captured so many hearts in the first place. However, the increased instrumentation is a welcome addition. With a full band behind him now, it adds a new level of depth to Lynch’s arsenal that will no doubt help his live show expand and cater for more full band live shows.

The album is filled with Lynch’s effortless charm, shifting from upbeat summer vibes on the likes of ‘Runaway’ to attention grabbing and simple but beautiful ballads about the highs and lows of growing up like ‘Youth’. ‘Sure Thing’ and ‘Good For Me’ are the standout tracks of the album, where the band sound their tightest, offering accessibility and singalong moments, sharing a Jamie T style vibe to them.

Lynch’s vocal chops aren’t going to impress anyone but his voice does complement his songwriting and British nature perfectly well. The singer’s lyrics are uncomplicated but distinctive. One thing that he has always been one of the best in the country at is his captivating storytelling abilities that are most noticeable on ‘Tectonic Plates’. Every verse leaves you hanging for the next in awe of how much emotion one man and his guitar can evoke.

Yes, there are noticeable comparisons to Frank Turner. His style is similar but so is his working man ideology and punk rock ethos. But that whole schtick has been going on for decades and it still isn’t boring. Lynch does justice to the sensibilities that the likes of Springsteen, Dylan, Bragg, Marling and Fallon would all tip a hat to. There’s no shame in that.

Closing on the atmospheric ‘Kings & Queens’, a track that that will fit in perfectly with the singer’s live set; ‘Baby, I’m A Runaway’ won’t be the album that will make Rob Lynch soar to mainstream success, but it still displays levels of growth, authenticity and honesty that the singer can be more than proud of.


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