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From Monday 22 November 2021

Zebrahead – ‘III’

Legends of the pop-punk movement Zebrahead return not only with a new EP, but with a brand new member, too. Following the exit of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Matty Lewis, the band have regrouped, adding old friend Adrian Estrella to the fold, giving them a new lease of

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Death Blooms – ‘Life is Pain’

Leading the next generation of the heaviest bands of Britain’s counter culture, gloomsters Death Blooms have burst onto the scene with an accessible mix of nu metal and pure hatred on their debut album, cheerfully titled ‘Life is Pain’ (they are from Liverpool after all). Having already been bestowed

Thursday 20 May 2021

We Were Sharks – ‘New Low’

Amidst a pop punk revival and a Tik Tok generation breathing a strange lease of life into the genre, it’s been a long time coming since so many eyes and ears have been drawn to a scene full of bright colours, big choruses and downtuned guitars. While some bands

Friday 23 April 2021

The Offspring – ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’

Just in time for the summer, punk rock veterans The Offspring return with their near decade long overdue tenth album ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’. The most chilled out band in California may be older, but they still know how to crank out cathartic melodies with a slashing of

Friday 09 April 2021

Evanescence – ‘The Bitter Truth’

Not many bands in rock have penned a career that inspired a generation while changing the musical landscape around them quite like Evanescence. From their multi million selling debut album, to bringing symphonic rock/metal to the mainstream, songstress Amy Lee has flown the alternative flag in front of everyone’s

Sunday 15 November 2020

SPOTLIGHT: Sharptooth

How often does a band come around that dares to challenge not only the generic conventions of a genre but the whole ideology of one? Baltimore heavyweights Sharptooth have reared their ugly heads into 2020 with their second album ‘Transitional Forms’. The band chat with Punktastic, breaking down the

Friday 16 October 2020

Seaway – ‘Big Vibe’

Sweet, loaded with choice and incredibly moreish, Seaway are the definition of pick n mix pop punk. One of the most laid back bands return with their third album ‘Big Vibe’ and it is filled with exactly that and more. Not only is it full of their trademark chilled

Monday 21 September 2020

Madina Lake – ‘The Beginning Of New Endings’

A blast from emo past circa 2007, Madina Lake were once Scuzz TV’s hall of famers, with captivating videos and plenty of sell out shows thanks to their charismatic live performances. The poster boys of a scene filled with eyeliner, studded belts and shouting at your dad, they were

Thursday 03 September 2020

WACO – ‘Hope Rituals’

Optimistic cosmic punk weirdos WACO return with their second album ‘Hope Rituals’ filled with left turns and good vibes. After the tragic loss of their bassist Chris Cowley, there was a time where new music from the group seemed unlikely but following a period of healing and reflection, the

Wednesday 15 July 2020

SPOTLIGHT: Meet Me @ The Altar

Diversity is one of the most important virtues in music. No matter your background, the art form has always acted as a platform for anybody to share their story as creatively and as honestly as they like. In pop-punk, the genre is still packed with the same guys playing