Koji – ‘Fury’

By Lucinda Livingstone

The last 5 years have seen 2 Koji full-lengths, 2 EP’s and 2 splits. The Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter and activist has traveled the world playing with bands and acoustic artists. Koji has never been phased by playing bigger stages with heavier bands. He has captivated audiences with his heartfelt delivery of unique acoustic music, with a guitar-playing style inspired by his Hawaiian roots. 

‘Fury’ is the third EP from Koji released by No Sleep Records, home to a few of his prior releases. For this EP Koji teamed up with producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance and Composure) and recruited a backing band to produce one of his most accomplished records yet. 

The sound of ‘Fury’ will delight his current fan base, whilst drawing in new listeners. The acoustic style and folk delivery still remains concrete to Koji’s sound, but in addition to this the sound of the band has a grunge edge, evocative of the Pixies, and not miles away from ‘Hyperview’ the recent album from Title Fight. Yip has definitely had some input on the overall resonance of the EP, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Title track ‘Fury’ followed by ‘Breaking and Broken’ breathe new life into Koji’s sound. His vocals throughout are sincere and warm, and even though this record is less acoustic than previous ones it is in no way overproduced. 

‘Everyday’ shows more of Koji’s country influences with solid choruses and repetitive one-liners that suit his live set perfectly, encouraging crowd participation. Fused with the new sound this is flawless and you can only imagine this live being just an entrancing as a conventional eye-watering acoustic set from the 28 year old. 

The final track is ‘Question’. Finely crafted chord changes and profound lyrics tie up the EP. There is a great amount of breathing space in this track. Without overcomplicating things Koji has showcased his backing band at their finest and given us the time and room to enjoy them. It’s a shame when the EP comes to an end, but a full length of this new musical direction in the future would be incredibly well received. ‘Fury’ is a awe-inspiring short EP, and leaves you desperate for more after the first listen. 


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