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From Friday 11 September 2015

Time Spent Driving – ‘Passed & Presence’

Sixteen years in the making, emotional indie rockers Time Spent Driving have released their first full-length since reforming in 2012. With a career spanning the last 3 decades the band return with the three original core members plus a couple of fresh faces to bring us ‘Passed & Presence’;

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Brunel – ‘Smash On’

Brunel have been together since 2012, their beginnings rooted in the Plymouth alternative scene. ‘Smash On’ is the debut from the 4 piece. Made up with members from previous musical projects Brunel are: Jim MacGregor (vocals), John Cooper (Guitarist), Craig Smith (Bassist) and Ben Russell (Drums). They have

Tuesday 04 August 2015

LIVE: The Smith Street Band / Muncie Girls / Shit Present @ The Lexington, London

A Saturday night at The Lexington is never a quiet one. Before a band even step on stage the room is full to the brim and the floor already a little sticky. Let’s blame that on the frozen margaritas they serve downstairs. The line up tonight is a

Thursday 30 July 2015

Dreamcatcher – ‘Future Paradise’

Swindon based emo-rockers Dreamcatcher have released a 3-track EP titled ‘Future Paradise’. Not to be confused with the melodic metal band from Leeds, or the atmospheric alt pop quartet form Maryland; the 5 guys create a strung out moody mix of emo indie rock. The title track eases into the

Saturday 20 June 2015

Broadside – ‘Old Bones’

Many have claimed pop-punk as a genre had died over the years, but there sure is an abundance of it in 2015. With a yearly resurgence of similar-sounding bands each hating on their home town, drinking their weight in coffee, and proclaiming their undying love for their friends;

Tuesday 09 June 2015

Koji – ‘Fury’

The last 5 years have seen 2 Koji full-lengths, 2 EP’s and 2 splits. The Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter and activist has traveled the world playing with bands and acoustic artists. Koji has never been phased by playing bigger stages with heavier bands. He has captivated audiences

Saturday 06 June 2015

Mikal Cronin – ‘MCIII’

‘MCIII’ is the third album from noisy pop songwriter and musician Mikal Cronin. It’s bursting at the seams with indulgent orchestral arrangements and radiant pop melodies. Every song gives full-bodied warm tones; all the arrangements done by Cronin himself. This was definitely his ‘go big’ approach to writing when