Guttermouth – ‘Got It Made’

By Louis Kerry

Almost thirty years in the game and Guttermouth still know how to pack a punch in under 15 minutes. Fronted by founding member Mark Adkins, the band haven’t missed a step in producing high velocity and utterly infectious tunes with their new EP ‘Got It Made’; the Californian punk rockers first new material in over ten years.

Having never really broken through the glass ceiling and reach the heights that many of their contemporaries managed to accomplish during their prime (in the UK at least), and partly thanks to their controversial onstage antics in the past, Guttermouth have always had a cult-like essence to them. This makes the fact that they’re still releasing music at such an impressive quality all the more endearing and all the more reason to get behind them.

This six track EP kicks off with ‘The Point’, a track that sticks to their tried and tested, fast, goofy and in your face method that will hit home with their old school fans. Not one to change how they do things, the band still have noticeable similarities to NOFX and Descendants; both lyrically and stylistically. But when has that ever been a bad thing?

Each song is short and to the point, with some hilarious lyrics that keep you laughing out loud throughout. ‘I’ve Got It Made’ has the type of chorus and vocal intricacies that will have you humming to it all day long. The closing track, ‘Old Man’ doesn’t hold back verbally either and even has a mediocre guitar solo for added punk rock measure.

Guttermouth have certainly added a new fresh chapter to their legacy, ensuring that the show isn’t going to be over anytime soon. Let’s hope that the odd, catchy, flamboyant and simply flawless ‘Got It Made’ EP is a promise that more things are to come soon because the punk rock world needs a new Guttermouth full length.


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