Dreamcatcher – ‘Future Paradise’

By Lucinda Livingstone

Swindon based emo-rockers Dreamcatcher have released a 3-track EP titled ‘Future Paradise’. Not to be confused with the melodic metal band from Leeds, or the atmospheric alt pop quartet form Maryland; the 5 guys create a strung out moody mix of emo indie rock.

The title track eases into the EP with a smooth instrumental. With Brand New alike lead lines floating above angsty power chords ‘Future Paradise’ doesn’t quite prepare you for the sombre tones of vocalist Franco with ‘Run’, a melodic wonder of a song. Dreamcatcher are bringing something a little different to the table, and it’s massively gratifying to listen to.

‘Shit Out Of Luck’ starts strongly, with Franco’s vocals sticking out like a sore thumb above the band. The combination of low fi guitars with his lower-range vocal tone creates a great contrast but the chorus is a huge anticlimax with weak lyrics.

This is a band that have proven they can write a great song in the form of ‘Run’ but couldn’t quite match it with the other two tracks on the EP. The instrumental beginnings seemed like more of a cop out than an introduction to the band themselves. Dreamcatcher have a strong backbone and an abundance of talent between them, but this hasn’t come together fully with this record. It would have been great to see them spend a little more time on it, pick apart their songwriting and add in a couple more tracks. This time around they have only scratched the surface and if the guys had dug deeper they would have been on the way to the perfect melodic emo EP.


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