Don Broco – ‘Technology’

By Louise Tindall

‘Technology’ accommodates 16 songs all of which comprise qualities found on Don Broco’s previous records. Maintaining their own sound, they continue to rely on weighty riffs and chant-like choruses to encapsulate an assortment of music that can captivate a live audience.

First song ‘Technology’ is the perfect opening to the album. With its reoccurring singular beats that will encourage a series of clapping at gigs, they weave in and out of heavier instrumentals for an easy to pick up call and response routine. The track takes an outside perspective to the internet and how reliant we are on the 24/7 service; it explores how insignificant it is in contrast to the dependence we have on it. The band have already released a comical music video to accompany this, exaggerating how we live our lives through a screen rather than the moments themselves. An eye-opening observation on the changes within our society.

‘Come Out to LA’ is also lyrically driven, sharing an evident distaste of the music industry with a sarcastic tone voicing the word “happy.” It explores the false perceptions of the lifestyle and challenges it as an overly glamorous route to euphoria and its repetition once again provides ample opportunities for an audience to join in. Other strong songs on the album include ‘T Shirt Song’ and ‘Tightrope’ both utilising catchy choruses, putting a real emphasis on Rob Damiani’s vocals.

Against the newer sounding tracks, ‘The Blues’ contains similarities to what could be found on 2012’s ‘Priorities’ release, and overall the album is a little underwhelming in terms of its fluidity. It lacks a proper structure making it difficult to view as a whole, as it flicks between rusty vocals and softer ones, and often swings from high to low, however it is still a nice testament to the progress they have made with their sound. Although the decision not to have any slower songs forces us to live through an hour of high impact energy, it makes for an unusually great way to you happy. Don Broco are clearly comfortable with their sound and their experimentation and growth on ‘Technology’ is a real compliment to their talent.


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