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From Tuesday 06 March 2018

Cup Check – ‘Continuity’

Chicago group Cup Check’s ‘Continuity’ is likely to get nowhere near the attention it deserves. A mixture of hurt, honesty and strength tie together this progressive pop-punk collection. Whilst opener ‘Selfish’ offers a brief introduction before aggressively throwing us into a blur of enraged drumming, ‘Tightrope’ chooses to remain steady

Don Broco – ‘Technology’

‘Technology’ accommodates 16 songs all of which comprise qualities found on Don Broco’s previous records. Maintaining their own sound, they continue to rely on weighty riffs and chant-like choruses to encapsulate an assortment of music that can captivate a live audience. First song ‘Technology’ is the perfect opening to the

Monday 26 February 2018

Nervus – ‘Everything Dies’

‘Everything Dies’ is a ten track album ringing with raw and poignant sentiment. Heavily driven by sincere lyrics, it offers a chance to reflect and critique, without leaving out the darkest and most fragile thoughts. Songwriter Em Foster uses her own experiences to give a personal touch to their

Saturday 03 February 2018

Lemuria – ‘Recreational Hate’

A collection of sentimental, wistful yearning brings together Lemuria’s latest release ‘Recreational Hate’, their first album in four years. The record came as a surprise to trusting fans who purchased a ‘Secret LP’ off the trio’s website with little other information. Turns out, what would be hitting their inbox was