Broken Witt Rebels – ‘OK Hotel’

By Louis Kerry

Hailing from Birmingham, Broken Witt Rebels have independently travelled the world over the last few years unleashing their blend of stylish blues-infused rock music on anybody that would listen, making the industry take notice of their DIY spirit and huge potential in the process. Now the four-piece are back with their second album ‘OK Hotel’ on a new worldwide major label deal, which has everything riding on it.

‘OK Hotel’ veers into a more indie rock, and even pop, direction than their heavier debut, but that shouldn’t discredit the album’s creativity. ‘Running With The Wolves’ has an early Kings of Leon vibe, reminiscent of the indie rock craze of the early noughties with an extra layer of soul and blues. ‘Give it Up’ features hand clapped beats and choral-like singing that offers a unique touch to a standard setting. ‘Take You Home’ has a soaring chorus whilst ‘Fearless’ is the standout track of the album; the song is heartfelt without feeling forced, alongside an emotional pull on Luke Davis’ bass strings throughout.  

Singer Danny Core possesses a voice that would never feel tiresome. His mellow husk grabs attention with its level depth and flick of switch power behind it. Core’s vocals are certainly the most captivating element of ‘OK Hotel’, and the key component of Broken Witt Rebels’ success so far.

Many bands naturally take influence from American bands, seeing as they are normally at the forefront of our radio stations and festival main stages. Broken Witt Rebels not only take influence, but pretty much emulate their contemporaries from across the pond. Listening to their brand of country tinged rock and roll on ‘Caught in the Middle’, it wouldn’t be weird to presume they were from Nashville themselves.

‘Save My Life’ and ‘Rich Get Richer’ both have some serious hard rock grit underneath them, falling somewhere between Alabama Shakes and Black Stone Cherry, in the style of a Brummie. Elsewhere, however, many elements are incredibly repetitive. The title track is a slowed down, lyrically and melodically tender song, but still far from captivating. Despite some tidy bass playing, ‘Broken Pieces’ lacks energy, stunting the momentum of the album entirely. 

‘OK Hotel’ has a creative and an atmospheric touch within a tired and done to death genre. For British rock music, there’s an empty spot that Broken Witt Rebels would have no problem filling – despite taking possibly too much influence from their contemporaries, this is a safe album that makes a strong impression in a style so many others have failed at.


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