Bad Religion – Live at the Palladium (DVD)

By bushy

Bad Religion are a band that have been there, done that and got the t-shirt (you know – the one with the cross!). It’s perhaps surprising then, that it has taken the band this long to bring out a DVD of their adventures. With the release of ‘Live at the Palladium’ you can finally enjoy the punk rock legends visually in the comfort of your own home.

‘Live at the Palladium’ serves as a great retrospective of Bad Religion‘s career thus far. The main part of the DVD consists of a set taken from two nights at the Hollywood Palladium in 2005. The set features well over 30 songs, the vast majority of which will be instantly recongisable to fans. Classic Bad Religion anthems like ‘Fuck Armageddon’ and ‘No Control’ nestle nicely alongside newer favourites, such as ‘Kyoto Now’ and ‘Sinister Rouge’. Interspersed amongst the music are a number of very informative interviews will all the members of the band, talking about Bad Religion‘s career as a whole. Particularly interesting is the segment on the band’s decision to join Atlantic. Also included on the DVD are a veritable feast of extras; music videos, photos and live footage from the early eighties.

If you are a fan of Bad Religion in any shape or form then you need this DVD in your collection. ‘Live at the Palladium’ is everything you could want from a music DVD and more.


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