Husky Loops Is All I Want ‘When I Come Home’

With the sun looking like it’s here to stay for longer than a short few days, it’s about time to dust off that summer playlist, pull on some shorts and fire up that barbecue. A staple of my summer playlist, aptly named ‘Suns Out, Puns Out’, is the latest single from Alchopop! trio Husky Loops, ‘When I Come Home’. I’m such a fan, I recently bought a ‘Jingle For Your Pet’ as part of their crowdfunding campaign so now my cat has her own theme song.

A far step from the thrashing industrial resonance laced through their first two EPs, ‘When I Come Home’ comes with a Mediterranean, dreamy chord progression. It’s delightfully juxtaposed with lyrics about anxiety and self-confidence and pre-emptive thoughts of conversations that you can’t spit out when the time comes. It’s a track that could be blasted through the speakers of a convertible, cruising through the streets of Europe or played through headphones, sat in the corner contemplatively. Because who says summer has to be a positive time? I prefer winter.