Don’t Leave Your Kids With Psychostick

Comedy and music. Two totally different mediums that are normally difficult to combine, which might be part of the reason Psychostick haven’t perhaps made it as big as they should in the UK. The Arizona natives, now based in Chicago, bring comedy in spades, melding it with some serious metal prowess. And let’s be totally honest, metal could do with some of the snarky, observational humour that’s common place within punk.

While some comedy metal is a little passé, Psychostick keep the humour in the lyrics, whilst being exceptionally proficient musicians who’re “serious about being dumb”. It’s difficult to nail down one specific song off Psychosticks new album ‘Do’ that really channels both the metal and humour, since every song has masses of both. The track I’ve gravitated to most is ‘Uncle Material’.

A cynical look at the realities of parenting, it’s a pounding four minute embrace of the fear of having kids. With lines like “Sing a lullaby whilst ignoring the smell, got to keep the thing alive or you’ll end up in jail”, it’s the exact counter to those who’re excited to have a child. While the verses are filled with slapping basslines, thanks to Matty J ‘Moose’ Rzemyk, they build up to an almost circus-sounding chorus with vocalist Rob ‘Rawrb’ Kersey showing the impressive variances he can get from his voice.

With an outro featuring a screaming baby (in time, of course) it’s the perfect end to a song that sums up the fears of many adults, myself included, who’re not quite ready to commit to having a child. Please don’t let my girlfriend read this…