Grab The Tissues. It’s Crywank

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks. So imagine my disappointment when I realised that not only had I missed the release of the new Crywank album but I was so late that a full review would be outdated. I was gutted.

Mancunian duo Crywank released ‘Wearing Beige On A Grey Day’ at the beginning of April and, sadly, it’s gone relatively unnoticed by media sites. Frankly, it’s a travesty. It’s a superb album, laced with snarky observations and haunting truths, as well as being exceptionally witty.

‘It Was A Swift Not A Swallow (I Never Listen)’ is, for me, the standout. A look back at a failed relationship and the self-reflective causes, it brims with somber nihilism. Vocalist James Clayton drips with strained emotion whilst a delicate melody underpins his performance. It’s brutally honest and leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. It’s this track that put this album well into my Album Of The Year shortlist.

If you like your folk punk dark, humorous and sincere, this is the album for you.