Reviews from Wednesday 15 May 2024

El Moono – ‘The Waking Sun’

If your music tastes trend towards the heavier end of the scale, chances are you’ve heard the name El Moono before. The Brighton-based quartet has been grinding away on the UK underground metal scene for years, but started attracting significant buzz in 2022 when they released the EP ‘Temple

​​Knocked Loose – ‘You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To’

​​For fans of hardcore music, these are strange but wonderful times. A genre that has enjoyed a rabid – but undoubtedly cult – following since the 1980s has started garnering real mainstream attention in recent years. Perhaps the best example of this is the fact that Knocked Loose played

Friday 10 May 2024

Like Moths To Flames – ‘The Cycles Of Trying To Cope’

Metalcore mainstays Like Moths To Flames have always been in touch with their emotions, willing to put all their turmoil on display and more than capable at conveying it in a way that’s both sincere and sonically impactful. Vocalist Chris Roetter always approaches his writing honestly, not just acknowledging

Thursday 09 May 2024

Hot Water Music – ‘Vows’

There are some phrases which instantly make you nervous when an artist describes their new release, such as “concept album” or “recent divorce.” “Looking back and reflecting on our past” is definitely on the list too, but thankfully long-standing punks Hot Water Music have resisted the temptation to take

Frank Turner – ‘Undefeated’

“Some people are just going to hate you, no matter what you do,” laments folk punk troubadour Frank Turner, “so don’t waste time trying to change their minds; just be a better you.” This first line to the first song of ‘Undefeated’ summarises the tone of Turner’s tenth outing

Thursday 02 May 2024

Fast Blood – ‘SUNNY BLUNTS’

Surrounded by algorithms, screens and endless stimulation, it’s hard not to feel disconnected. That’s a strange thing. The world is at your fingertips, and yet reality is not. You can be assaulted by endless sights and sounds, but they’re all strangely abstract. It’s the same with music.

Tuesday 30 April 2024

The Plot In You – ‘VOL.2’

Just like whiskey, pickles and smelly cheese, heavy bands often ‘mellow with age’. In 2021, The Plot In You released their second album ‘Swan Songs’. It seemed they’d done just that, leaving behind the aggression of their early music in favour of more expansive or intimate soundscapes.

Monday 15 April 2024

LIVE: Neck Deep @ Alexandra Palace, London

It’s a monumental night for Neck Deep. They’ve sold out their biggest show to date at Alexandra Palace, and those of us brave enough to scale what feels like the steepest and windiest hill in London are here not only to enjoy a night of ‘generic pop punk’ (as

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Kris Barras Band – ‘Halo Effect’

Life is a highway, and Kris Barras Band are picking up speed along its twists and turns. The MMA fighter-turned-bluesman has taken a nod from tour buddies Black Stone Cherry and gone all in on the southern rock for their fifth outing. According to the frontman, “‘Halo Effect’ still

LIVE: Hot Water Music @ SWX, Bristol

Rolling into Bristol on a poetically warm, rain-soaked Friday night, Hot Water Music arrive ready to kick off a celebratory UK run that culminates at Manchester Punk Festival. Armed with 30 years of genre-defining material (certainly a solid decade of which remains hugely influential), this is something like their

Saturday 06 April 2024

LIVE: August Burns Red / Dying Wish / thrown @ Electric Ballroom, London

If you’re a fan of metalcore and have been for many a year, then this line up is absolutely unmissable. There’s tonnes of good bills that go on the road but for the metalcore-obsessed, this particular tour is something else. Featuring an up-and-comer, a breakthrough act and a legend

Friday 05 April 2024

Dead Pony – ‘IGNORE THIS’

Getting noticed isn’t easy. If your music speaks for itself but if no one hears it, what do you do? Scottish alt-rockers Dead Pony had this exact problem. After releasing a series of EPs, they felt they were getting nowhere, that their career had stalled and making

Wednesday 03 April 2024


‘There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive’ is technically – and we’ll get onto that later – the seventh studio album from New York Stalwarts Bayside. It also represents the band taking an entirely new approach to the concept of what an ‘album’ is. The band

Thursday 28 March 2024

Fortune Teller – ‘PREMONITIONS’

You can’t seriously call your band Fortune Teller and title your first EP ‘Premonitions’ without expecting an avalanche of clairvoyance jokes, can you? Luckily, you don’t have to reach for a crystal ball to see big things in this pop-punk band’s future. They aren’t relying on prophecy, they’re

Tuesday 26 March 2024

While She Sleeps – ‘SELF HELL’

While She Sleeps have come racing out of the stalls with ‘SELF HELL’, their sixth studio album to date. An amalgamation of various music genres, from their delicious brand of metal to hardcore to even a more synth rock side, this promises to be a strong offering from these

Sunday 24 March 2024


Every day your newsfeeds are full of Tech-bros telling you A.I. music is the future, but they’re wrong. Music doesn’t have a simple recipe. You can’t tweak the ingredients to make it tastier. It’s not supposed to be easily digestible. It’s not supposed to be bland. It’s

Friday 15 March 2024

Greywind – Antidote EP

As the great philosopher Ye once said before he jumped off the deep end of acceptability, ‘that, that, that, that don’t kill me can only make me stronger’. His statement could absolutely be Greywind’s mantra. Irish emo siblings Steph and Paul O’Sullivan simultaneously faced huge amounts of both harsh

Gouge Away – ‘Deep Sage’

If you’re connected to music in any way, either a performer, behind the scenes industry member or just a devoted fan, the pandemic sucked. The world completely stopped, recording processes were halted, touring plans dissolved, any hype or trajectory plateaued. For the fans, it was a frustratingly long waiting

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Kid Kapichi – ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’

There is so much to love about Kid Kapichi’s latest outing. The Hastings punks’ third album, ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’ is a riotous snapshot of where they stand in the world today, and by the end of it you feel like you know them. They’re your mates you meet

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Dragonforce – ‘Warp Speed Warriors’

If you’re reading this, the odds are that you already know exactly what the latest Dragonforce album sounds like. And you’re absolutely right: every song sounds like power metal played at 1.5x speed, with guitar solos that make you wonder how Herman Li hasn’t worn his fingers down to

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