Watch Earl Grey pass the time in their new video

By Ben Tipple

“When it comes to the alternative scene in Germany, there’s pretty much just Hardcore,” says Earl Grey bassist Lukas Andrzejewski. It’s an observation that has led the five-piece to creating their own take on pop-punk; rough around the edges and with a serious attitude.

Their vibrant combination of pop-punk and hardcore has seen them appeal to various audiences in their native Germany. Lead single, ‘Passing Time’, offers a glimpse into their crossover appeal, accompanied by a video showcasing some of their key interests.

“[‘Passing Time’] is about giving up on yourself, the chances you didn’t take,” the band explain. “It’s about sleeping in instead of getting up; disappointing the ones you love; burning bridges and losing hope in everyone around you; knowing you’re doing something wrong but not being able to change it.”

“We’re all in our early twenties and sometimes we just feel like everyone our age is ten steps ahead when it comes to getting their life together and we’re just passing time,” they continue. “We wanted to mix both aspects in the video and wanted to remind people that life is all about the beautiful moments that you’ll always remember. No matter how fucked up your situation is, there’s always a way out and you’ll laugh about it someday.”

With it’s solemn theme and ultimately uplifting message, the video depicts some of Earl Grey’s recent adventures, including an appearance at Battle Of The Basics; an event organised by skate brand Three Basics in Holland. “Some of the footage also shows the party the night before that was closed down by cops,” the band add.

‘Passing Time’ is taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name, due on the 9th October via KROD Records and Acuity.Music. Physical pre-orders are available now.

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