Update on our campaign to bring Braid to London with Songkick Detour

By Tom Aylott

A few weeks ago, we asked you guys to get involved and pledge to see Braid through Songkick Detour.

We hit the 50 pledges mark in just under a day and then got together with the Songkick Detour guys to decide on what to do next… After the massive success of their show with Desaparecidos on Monday (http://vimeo.com/59476995), they’re really excited to try and make this happen too, and the good news is that we think we can make this happen! But we’re not quite there yet…

We’re confident that with 150 pledges we can convince the band to come over, so we need you guys to keep the pledges coming in over the next week – we can’t do this without your help!

If you’ve already pledged, then we’d like to say a massive thank you! We wouldn’t have even gotten this far without you! We have one more favour to ask though… if you can share this article and tell people we’re talking about a real possibility here, then it’ll really help!

If you haven’t pledged yet and want to see Braid in London, then there is no better time than now!

Head over to https://detour-ldn.songkick.com/artists/466267 and use the invite code 5XA0XEQP to get involved.

If you’re not familiar with the format then get over to the site and find out. It’s really easy and a great way to get bands to come over. You won’t get charged a penny unless the show actually happens!