This day anything goes: A Halloween playlist

This day anything goes: A Halloween playlist

By Glen Bushell

Oct 27, 2016 11:01

Halloween, for many, is the most wonderful time of the year. A number of bands have been inspired by that special October night, and have a love of all things macabre. From the horror punk of The Misfits, the theatrical decadence of Creeper, and the disjointed pop of The Marshmallow Ghosts, we have put together a playlist to soundtrack All Hallows' Eve. Whether you are going trick-or-treating, throwing a costume party, carving pumpkins, or simply watching horror movies, there should be something for everyone here. Just remember; never blow out a Jack-o'-lantern...

The Misfits – ‘Halloween’

Any number of Misfits tracks could have been part of this playlist, but to include anything other than ‘Halloween’ would be sacrilege. With “candy apples and razor blades,” and “dead cats hanging from poles,” it epitomises the All Hallows’ Eve. It’s one of the greatest tracks the horror punk legends ever wrote, and the definite Halloween anthem.

AFI – ‘Fall Children’

They may have taken everything they know from the previous track (including covering it), but AFI certainly conjure up the feeling of this special time of year in their own way. Dramatic and creepy, ‘Fall Children’ was an obvious choice for this playlist.

The Marshmallow Ghosts – ‘Trick’

You know there are some songs that just look, feel, and even smell like Halloween? The Marshmallow Ghosts do that with every time they release something around October. Essentially the Graveface Records house band, this revolving door of musicians make the most beautifully disjointed pop music to soundtrack the last day of the month.

Creeper – ‘Black Mass’

Horror punk may not be as prominent as it once was, but with a sound and aesthetic influenced by a large percentage of this playlist, Creeper are bringing it to a new generation. ‘Black Mass’ has one of the best vocal performances from the incomparable Will Ghould, and this track has helped catapult them to the sensation they are quickly becoming.

The Nerve Agents – ‘Jekyll and Hyde’

We all know The Misfits, we all love AFI, but it’s easy to forget just how great The Nerve Agents were. They were dramatic, frantic, and wrote some of the most furious tracks with their own spin on classic Bay Area punk rock. They may not have matched the success of their peers, but their cult-like status has preserved their legacy forever.

The Damned – ‘Shadow Of Love’

For 40 years The Damned have been one of the most prominent punk bands the UK has had to offer. They outlasted their contemporaries, and have been an influence on any band that has added a bit of macabre to their music. They do it so well in fact, that Dave Vanian was even in line to replace Glenn Danzig in The Misfits at one point. Imagine how that might have sounded?

Ghost Thrower – ‘Halloween In Brooklyn’

While the song itself isn’t the darkest you will hear on this playlist, it still feels like Halloween. Formed by members of various hardcore bands, Ghost Thrower add a little spooky aesthetic to their infectious, fuzz-laden rock ‘n’ roll. They have been bit quiet as of late, but no doubt will return with something equally as great as this.

Ink & Dagger – ‘Bloodlust’

Ink & Dagger are a truly enigmatic hardcore band. Aside from their music being visceral and unrelenting, Ink & Dagger made you believe they really were the vampires that peppered their lyrical narrative. Sadly, vocalist Sean McCabe passed away at the age of 27, but his memory lives on in the inimitable music of these Philadelphia legends.

Alkaline Trio – ‘Fatally Yours’

They have always had dark aura shrouding them, but ‘Good Mourning’ is Alkaline Trio’s darkest moment. Trying to pick a track from it was quite a task, but ‘Fatally Yours’ not only captures the mood of the album, but also is one of Alkaline Trio’s quintessential tracks.

Tiger Army – ‘Rose Of The Devils Garden’

October may as well be Tiger Army’s month, but whenever you listen to them, you can almost hear the crackling of bonfires and see the spirits rising. Nick 13’s smooth vocal adds extra romanticism to ‘Rose Of The Devils Garden’, will warm up your Halloween however you are spending it.

Nekromantix – ‘Gargoyles Over Copenhagen’

Much like Tiger Army, Nekromantix inject a rockabilly influence to their unique brand of horror punk. If anything, they took macabre to the next level with their music, and rarely veered from adding a spooky element to every track. This will certainly get hips shaking at your Halloween party.

Samhain – ‘The Howl’

Only Glenn Danzig could be included in this list twice, because you can’t leave Samhain out of a Halloween playlist. Formed after Danzig’s departure from The Misfits, Samhain continued the tradition of blood, guts, and gore that came before them, adding a metallic edge to a classic horror punk sound.

November Coming Fire – ‘Blackest Blood’

Certainly one of the heavier inclusions on this playlist, but the sadly defunct Canterbury hardcore band brought darkness into the burgeoning scene. Whether they were shredding fast and frantic riffs, a collapsing into huge breakdowns, November Coming Fire are still one of the most unique bands the UK produced.

45 Grave – ‘Evil’

Despite living in the shadow of many, 45 Grave were one of the first bands to do horror punk, so their inclusion on this playlist goes without saying. Vocalist Dinah Cancer has a one of a kind style, and their debut album – which ‘Evil’ appeared on – is an underrated classic.

Tribulation – ‘Strange Gateways Beckon’

Bringing a certain elegance and grace to their brand of death metal, Tribulation round off this playlist perfectly. They have been dazzling audiences worldwide with their incendiary live show, and back it up with their dark and sultry recordings. ‘Strange Gateways Beckon’ oozes darkness and macabre in a unique way to send chills down your spine this Halloween.