The inspiration behind Winchester’s debut album ‘Life Begins At These Dead Ends’

By Mark Johnson

Post-hardcore newcomers Winchester will release their debut album ‘Life Begins At These Dead Ends’ on February 9. To prepare for the release, we asked the band to guide us through the influences that helped them shape their debut album.

Blink-182 – ‘Anthem Part II’

This song really cemented pop punk as a genre. I remember jamming this with all my friends and even in the car with the family. The melody, harmonies, beat and lyrics are just so infectious! It gets us hyped every time we listen it, even to this day.

Green Day – ‘Jesus Of Surburbia’

Few bands achieve twisting pop punk into a full scale concept album that then goes on to become a musical. It is an amazing feat. This track blew me away and I feel like it hacked my brain because learning it when I was young really opened up doors for me creatively.

Muse – ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

When I sneakily put my headphones in and clicked on this video in the computer lab of my school I had zero expectations, yet very quickly it felt like air was blasting out of the screen and pummelling me. Their ethos of taking any genre they care to and messing around with it till people love it or hate it is admirable.

Nothing But Thieves – ‘Ban All The Music’

One of the most original indie bands I’ve heard in a long time and that is partly due to the incredible vocals, production and soundscapes they provide. It would be pretty awful if we actually banned all the music but I do sometimes find myself frustrated when I listen to the charts

Highly Suspect – ‘My Name Is Human’

This song… it’s very special in terms of the vibe it creates and the statement. It’s sexy, groovy and smart so it gets listened to a whole lot.

Alexisonfire – ‘This Could Be Anywhere In The World’

One of the most perfectly crafted songs ever! This band opened a lot of doors for us in terms of creativity and Dallas Green has a voice that makes you feel at home.

Enter Shikari – ‘Anaesthetist’

These genre benders have always been one of our favourites. We listened to it in the studio it was recorded at when we were recording our album. It was a special moment for us. More and more people are starting to question and have doubts regarding parts of the medical industry and this track is just great.

Nothing More – ‘Ripping Me Apart’

These guys came out of nowhere for us and we were really shocked as to how well they have managed to explore rock and metal so diversely, all whilst producing themselves. Very inspiring and very, very dirty.

Periphery – ‘Marigold’

I just can’t get this damn song out of my head recently. They really have a knack for making technically magical music that also seems to have cheeky hooks and catchiness left, right and centre.

Northlane – ‘Quantum Flux’

Even though Marcus is incredible, we were already floored by Adrian and his efforts with the band. From the spiritually inspired lyrics to the dynamic shifts that throw you into an absolute frenzy of confusion and disgust… this really raised the bar for us and a lot of people

Check out Winchester’s video for ‘Life Begins’ to hear these influences come together:

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