Suis La Lune amp up the atmospherics on ‘Different Perspective’

By Ben Tipple

Opening with an extended intro that subtly introduces Andy OlerÃ¥s’ emotive vocals, ‘Different Perspective’, the new track by Stockholm/Gothenburg screamo outfit Suis La Lune, crescendos around the minute mark before breaking into a beautifully controlled chaos.

Having edged towards hardcore on previous material, albeit with a hint of intricate atmospherics, ‘Different Perspective’ sees the four-piece wholeheartedly adopt their heavier ominous sound. With screamo building its core, careful elements channel fellow Swedes Cult of Luna and their ilk.

The track arrives as Suis La Lune, part of the Topshelf Records family, gear up to release their new ‘Distance/Closure’ EP – the follow up to 2012’s widely heralded ‘Riala’, and their first EP release since 2008’s ‘Heir’.

‘Distance/Closure’ will be available from the 31st July; available to pre-order via the official webstore.