Stream the self-titled album from Iris Jupiter

By Glen Bushell

Iris Jupiter play an infectious brand of space rock, and their self-titled debut album is a real step of the band. With a new year upon us, it is the perfect antidote to those January blues, and you can listen to the album in full below.

“When we started making plans for recording we ditched so many songs,” explain the band. “We had a handful of skeletons made for ambient, moody songs. Our bedroom recorded EP ‘Zero Cool’ was enough for us to get out the impact of the space rock vibes, so we all agreed on having the record be all about having the genuine high energy that we share with each other. We wanted to make a record that was hard hitting and fun. The most impressive thing about the recording is how well we captured our character. The lyrics really mirror our affinity for sci-fi and space in a playful way while our up beat songs also reflect what idiots we become when we’re around each other. None of us drink or party much, our wits keep us entertained, and sometimes in tears making fools of ourselves.

“The recording process was really interesting with how quickly a lot of it moved,” they continue. “Most of the drum tracks were done in first or second takes and something came over Devan when it was time to record vocals. He threw himself around, jumping and keeping warm to give the takes the energy and emotive impression he wanted. In fact, Life Pile was done in one take.

“A lot of our song writing isn’t forced by boundaries like song length, or transparent lyrics or even consistent genre,” concludes the band. “We ended up with a lot of cut up phrases in Devan’s song writing which are more personal than relatable at times because a lot of his writing is inspired by surreal poetry he wrote about four years ago. We have songs in drastically different tuning’s or cut really quickly, or blend noise with breaks instead of a melody. And that’s kind of the flexibility we used to steer away from a vapid pop record.”

Iris Jupiter’s debut album is released on January 13th, and is available to pre-order now.