Stream the new track by punk duo Ghost Of The Avalanche

By Ben Tipple

‘Volcano’, the opening track to Bath based punk duo Ghost Of The Avalanche’s forthcoming ‘This Is Earth’ EP, launches the record into its hard-hitting, distorted soundscape.

Having toured alongside ’68, amongst others, Ghost Of The Avalanche share their crisp yet ferocious noise, pushing the instrumentation to its limit.

“‘Volcano’ deals with the idea that most people are actually out for themselves and are sometimes only too happy to succumb to a pack mentality if it suits them and their own physical or social survival,” the duo explain. “It’s an uneasy song and the theme of ‘survival’ and what it means to live in our modern times are explored more widely throughout the EP.”

‘This Is Earth’ will be available from the 18th September via Casseblank Records and Grebo Record. Pre-orders are available via the band’s webstore.

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