Stream the debut EP by Mass Lines

By Glen Bushell

The D.I.Y punk scene in Kent has been full to the brim with exciting bands over the last 15 years, and now it’s time to add Mass Lines the list. Spawned from members of current and past bands such as Cosmic Thoughts, Man Hands, Kid Pang, and Great Ancestors, they have steadily been making a name for themselves locally for a year so, and are ready now to unleash their debut EP ‘Personality Cult’, of which we are proud to give you the exclusive first listen.

Mass Lines fall somewhere between the angular,  discordant rock of Fugazi and the mid-tempo punk rhythms of Hot Snakes, while maintaining a distinctly British working class attitude. The Canterbury quartet also have no bones about making their distaste for the state of political affairs felt, and given the current climate the UK needs ‘Personality Cult’ more than ever. With the album being recorded by Ben Philips at Lightship 95 in London, he has captured that raw sense of urgency Mass Lines need perfectly, and flaunts their importance in D.I.Y punk.

‘Personality Cult’ is released on July 17th via Hot Salvation Records, and limited edition physical copies are available to pre-order from the label now.

You can find out more about Mass Lines over that bands Facebook page, and can catch the band live on select shows in June and July, which you can see the dates for below.


21 RAMSGATE Music Hall (w/ The Pop Group)


27 KINGSTON The Cricketers (w/ Silent Front)
28 CANTERBURY Lady Luck (w/ The Sans Pareil)