Stream the comeback LP by Belvedere, ‘The Revenge of The Fifth’

By Ben Tipple

‘The Revenge Of The Fifth’, the comeback album by Canadian skate-punk legends Belvedere, has been over a decade in the making. Seven years of those the band spent away from music, having decided to draw a line under the adventure in 2005. At the time, it marked the end of an illustrious career that had originally never intended to even reach an actual stage. And so it was, until Jay worked his magic.

“My good pal Jay in Ontario pushed us to get back together and start speaking about playing,” co-vocalist and guitarist Steve Rawles explains. “It turned into a whole bunch of “reunion” shows all over the place.”

Writing new material wasn’t the initial aim, but it started to emerge as a common goal as they continued their live appearances. “After 2 years of playing these shows we decided it was time to start writing,” Rawles continues. “It took 2 years to write and record the album, but we’re very excited to put our first album in 12 years out!”

Those two years spent writing saw the band balance their full-time jobs and family lives, with practice and studio time. Add that to their seven year break and two years playing shows, and ‘The Revenge Of The Fifth’ could have ended up sounding tired. Though from the initial moments of opener ‘Shipwreck’, it sounds anything but. The ridiculous fast pace that has characterised the band over time remains, as do the heavily melodic vocals. The record barely takes a moment to catch its breath. Even the calmer moments (only calm in comparison) sit against relentless drum work.

Ultimately ‘The Revenge Of The Fifth’ is a plea to society. It’s about compassion and acceptance of responsibility. It’s the product of experience, but one that doesn’t lose any of its youthful energy.

‘The Revenge Of The Fifth’ will be available from the 5th May via BirdAttack (US), Effervescence (FR), Funtime (BE), No Reason, and Lockjaw Records (UK).

Belvedere will be playing the following shows:

14 EDMONTON, CANADA Brixx Bar & Grill
20 LONDON, CANADA Call The Office
21 TORONTO, ON The Cave

22 NATES, FRANCE Stereolux w/ NOFX
23 PARIS, FRANCE La flèche d’or
24 AARSCHOT, BELGIUM De Klinker w/Homer