Stream ‘Always On The Weekend’, the debut album by Naked Hour

By Ben Tipple

‘Always On The Weekend’, the debut album by Portland trio Naked Hour, is suitably exposed. Embracing nudity on its cover, the record is one of candid expressionism. For vocalist and bassist Teal Bluestone it’s an acceptance of sadness, frustration and confusion; an open diary of a particularly distressing time in her life, one which saw her ex-boyfriend vanish for eight months only to return darker and more reckless.

“In the process of letting go, you can discover pop music as a good shoulder to cry on,” Bluestone (joined by Ethan Conroy and Jackson Walker) explains her outlet. “It’s good to put your diary in song format because then at the least other people will hum to what made you cry, and there’s a lot of beauty in that.”

With that, ‘Always On The Weekend’ is filled with morose indie-pop. Sometimes twee, the sound is painfully honest. Delivering the perfect balance of exasperation and liberation, it’s also an advocate of unconfined self-expression. “‘Always On The Weekend’ should help girls see that exploring that sadness and anger should be an important part of the healing process,” Bluestone continues, “especially when it’s explored in an art format, and it shouldn’t have to be hidden, but can be celebrated.”

You can stream the absolutely stunning ‘Always On The Weekend’ exclusively below. It will be available from the 24th June 2016 via Good Cheer Records.

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Photo by: Corbin Corbin