Sample Tempest le Mans’ latest EP ‘Apology’

By Mark Johnson

LA-based power-pop/indie act Tempest le Mans’ released their second EP ‘Apology’ on June 28th and you can stream the whole thing below. This record follows 2015’s debut EP ‘Four Songs’ and signals a grittier sound with a sharper lyrical focus.

Front-man and songwriter Nathan Castiel describes ‘Apology’ as “an autopsy of a failed relationship, recollected with a sense of humor that can only come with distance. The songs deal with the complicated process of admitting your faults and mistakes, reconciling your logical vs. immediate/emotional response to loss, and dissecting how a breakup can switch so quickly between disappointment in someone you love and disappointment in yourself. Sonically, the record is more upbeat than you’d think, laced with sweeping melodies and audacious guitar hooks. It nods to the playful pop of Elephant 6 and recalls ELO’s lush arrangements.”

Stream ‘Apology’ below:

You can keep up to date with Tempest le Mans through their Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp pages.