Preview: Truck Festival 2019

By Punktastic

It seems there are new festivals cropping up every year, catering to a huge variety of tastes, interests, and clientele. It’s never been easier to see multiple bands over the course of a day, as well as giving newer bands more exposure, and one of the festivals that has been championing new music is Truck Festival. For over two decades, Truck Fest has been using its platform to give emerging talent opportunity, while also pulling in plenty of big names.

While priding themselves as the ‘Anti-Major Festival’ festival, they’ve been shortlisted for awards multiple times. It might not be as well known as say, Download or ArcTanGent, but one thing is for certain – it’s a festival to embrace new and old. It’s a festival for music fans, pure and simple.

With that in mind, here are some of our top recommendations for the weekend.


Indoor Pets

Market Stage 6.30pm

Feel good alt rock at it’s finest. Indoor Pets have been a staple of the touring scene in the last few years, helping to nurture upcoming talent despite being relatively young themselves. Releasing their debut album ‘Be Content’ last year, they’ve honed their sound – offering a laid back sound that encourages singalong interactions from the crowds. Hits like ‘Hi’ and ‘Teriyaki’ prove their ability to meld pop sensibilities with a creamier rock sound.



Market Stage  7.45pm

Taking the headline slot on the Market Stage for Thursday, Slaves are fresh from tearing up Glastonbury. Known for their energetic live shows that smack you in the teeth, as well as a back catalogue full of bluesy riffs, expect the duo to rip this stage up too. Because that’s the nice thing about Slaves – you know what you’ll get. And what you’ll get is catchy, anthemic tunes, and a performance that’ll stick in the bonce for weeks.



Market Stage 3.30pm

We hear you – Idles playing a mid-afternoon slot after a UK headline tour that sold out in hours? Ludicrous. Just be glad you’ll see them, because many couldn’t get a ticket to their tour. While a thirty minute set is frankly not long enough, it’s bound to be full of thrashing melodies, political messages and energy, and if their Glastonbury set is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty of crowd interaction, huge pits, and scream-alongs. Get yourself near the front. Oh, and take yourself a paint colour chart and wait for Joe Talbot’s face to go a lovely shade of magenta through his impassioned hollering.

Nothing But Thieves

Truck Stage 8.15pm

Nothing But Thieves only have two albums to their name so far, but are already well on their way to achieving legendary status. Innovative and exciting, they’re also one of the most incredible live bands on the circuit right now – try not to be blown away by Conor Mason’s soaring, crystal clear vocals, and you’ll definitely fail. You’d be wise not to miss this set, just in case they do finally take that break from touring they’ve been talking about – and this will surely be one of the highlights of the weekend.

Wolf Alice

Truck Stage 9.45pm

Headliners Wolf Alice have been on a steady trajectory since the release of their 2013 EP ‘Blush’ – though saying ‘steady trajectory’ doesn’t give them the justice the deserve. In that time, they’ve released two critically acclaimed EPs, supported countless big-named bands, had their tracks featured in various films a TV shows, have been nominated for multiple awards – even winning the Mercury Award for their 2017 album ‘Visions Of A Life’. It’s only right they’re headlining the Truck Stage. Difficult to nail down in a particular genre, they’ll bounce between lo-fi grunge pop to staggeringly emotive, dreamy alt folk. They might not have the catchiest choruses or be the most sing-a-long band but they know how to write a song that’ll move you. And they’ll definitely move you.


Hot Milk

The Nest 1.15pm

Hot Milk have been absolutely bloody everywhere this year, and you know what? We’re not even a little bit mad about it. In fact, we want more – and luckily, Truck Fest and The Nest stage are here to deliver. The Manchester quartet’s sparky, addictive emopop is full of energy and the perfect mid-weekend pick-me-up; this singalong (and dancealong) session with one of the best young bands in the scene is a must see.

Press To Meco

The Nest 3.15pm

Masters of harmony Press to MECO released their sophomore album ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’ last year, following it up a few months ago with the ‘Acoustic’ EP. Now they’re bringing their unique sound to Truck Fest, blending irresistible hooks and technicality with uplifting pop rock that’s guaranteed to get feet tapping and heads bobbing. The Nest stage is packed with gems on Saturday, and Press To MECO are one of the brightest of the lot.

Milk Teeth

The Nest 4.15pm

If distorted, growling guitars and super poppy melodies packaged up in a big punky, grungy ribbon are your bag – and trust us, these things go together like Australians and Vegemite – this set from Milk Teeth is for you. It’s been a while now since the release of only full length ‘Vile Child’ in 2016, with only a few EPs in the meantime, but that hasn’t dulled their live performance. In fact, with guitarist/vocalist Em Foster (Nervus) having now joined full time, the band have been revitalised; expect some new material to make an appearance in this set, and get excited for the future of Milk Teeth.


The Nest 6.15pm

There are a few bands on the bill due to explode in the next 12 months, and Puppy are one of those bands. Big favourites within the Punktastic team, their chunky riffs and pounding heaviness set the tone for their live shows. But don’t let that take away from their good humour. With their fanship growing every day, be sure to get there relatively early. The chances are, it’ll be a set to remember.

Don Broco

Truck Stage 6.45pm

Have Don Broco actually sat down on a sofa for longer than thirty seconds in the past year? Nobody really knows, but it seems unlikely. Having toured both the USA and UK about fifty times each since the release of acclaimed third album ‘Technology’ last February, they’re one of the most sought-after bands for any and all festival line-ups – and no wonder. Nobody starts a party like Don Broco, and you’ll never have more fun screaming the word “FUCK” than as part of the deliriously magical ‘Everybody’. Get your dancing shoes on and get down to the Truck stage.

Mallory Knox

The Nest 8.45pm

It’s safe to say the last eighteen months have been quite the ride for Mallory Knox and their fans. After the departure of vocalist Mikey Chapman in February last year, backing vocalist and bassist Sam Douglas instantly took the helm to guide us into a new era for the Cambridge group. Their new singles have still carried the distinctive Mallory Knox sound, with just a dash more aggression that should translate well to the stage. Come down to see them top a stacked Nest Stage bill, and be part of this new beginning for a beloved band.


Gaffa Tape Sandy

The Nest 3.45pm

By the time Truck Festival comes around, Gaffa Tape Sandy will have released their long awaited second EP. With cleverly written social observations such as ‘Headlights’ and ‘Meathead’, as well as crowd pleasers like ‘Beehive’, they’re sure to get everyone dancing. The Bury St. Edmunds trio have been getting airtime all over radios and playlists, as well as hitting our very own monthly playlist at least twice. It’s their second Truck Fest in as many years and they’re quickly picking up traction, so be sure to catch them here to jump on that proverbial bandwagon.


The Nest 5.45pm

If there was a band you would expect to rock up to your house asking if they could play a gig in your living room, it would be Martha. County Durham’s finest DIY indie-folk punks wrap devastatingly frank lyrics around uplifting melodies and will bring a rapturous, celebratory live show to The Nest on Sunday evening. Their latest album ‘Love Keeps Kicking’ is already one of our favourite records of 2019, delivering a smirking take on how a gut-wrenching break-up can actually be a good thing. Gather round The Nest and prepare your lungs for a whole lot of sing-a-longs.

You Me At Six

Truck Stage 7.45pm

If there’s a festival You Me At Six aren’t playing this year, we don’t know about it – the four piece are definitely keeping themselves busy this summer. More than ten years have elapsed since debut ‘Take Off Your Colours’, and the five piece are now an integral part of British rock with upbeat, joyous, electric live performances. It doesn’t matter how many festivals they’re playing this year – You Me At Six are worth seeing at every single one of them.