Premiere of The Violet Kind’s latest track ‘Speakeasy’

By Mark Johnson

We’re proud to present ‘Speakeasy’, the latest track from The Violet Kind. The song comes from the band’s upcoming concept EP ‘OXTR’, due for release on March 16 through Kindness Records.

The EP “acts as a poignant reminder of the reality of rape culture and a means of catharsis for the survivor of sexual violence,” the band explain. “This song likens the actions of a perpetrator to the idea of Speakeasies; hidden bars which existed during the period of prohibition in 20th century America. On face value, there may be no apparent cause for concern. However, the actions taking place behind closed doors are both damaging and illegal. With a play on words, the chorus proclaims, “If I could have spoken easily”, dealing with the issue of consent and the effects alcohol amongst other factors can have on a survivor’s ability to say no. Speakeasy is about giving a voice back to the survivor, calling out a perpetrator for the wrong that has been done and placing the blame where it truly lies.”

Check out ‘Speakeasy’ below:

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