Premiere of Kermes’ latest single ‘Casting The Creatures’

By Mark Johnson

Named as one of our Ones to Watch in 2018 back in January, it’s our pleasure to unveil the latest Kermes single ‘Casting The Creatures’. The Leicester-based indie punks will release their debut album ‘We Choose Pretty Names’ on April 13 through Robot Needs Home records, which you can pre-order here.

“‘Casting the Creatures’ was my attempt at writing about the liberating power of queer sex, but because my mental health was in an absolutely awful state at the time it ended up being quite gloomy in the end,” explains vocalist Emily Rose Teece. “Anyway. The main idea of the song is about how, being a visibly queer person, society can often make you feel like a freak, and it’s about reclaiming that almost and sort of revelling in it, despite the danger that you may be in because of it. So, it’s essentially The Shape Of Water, but with guitars. (I haven’t seen The Shape Of Water)”

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