One Days Notice put the punk in pop-punk with ‘When I Say When’

By Ben Tipple

Cleveland punks One Days Notice are the latest act to join the Remember To Breathe Records (RTB Records) roster, having penned a deal for the release of their sophomore full-length, ‘Blackout’.

Scheduled for release on the 14th January, the quartet are celebrating by exclusively streaming ‘When I Say When’, a raw slice of throwback pop-punk. Without a nasally vocal or cliched power chord in sight, One Days Notice are all about traditional skate-punk roots, and some good old fashioned partying.

“We’ve been putting out records and peeing on things independently for a few years now,” vocalist Chris Bassitt genuinely explains, following a public urination charge for a member of the band’s 2010 neighbourhood Beer Olympics. “When RTB offered us a deal, we were a bit hesitant since labels always get a bad wrap, but they have a great mindset, really dig our tunes and they didn’t ask us to stop binge-drinking on the weekends, so we thought it would be a good fit.”

It’s a beer-soaked attitude that has served them well so far, minus the public violation of course. Their debut EP, ‘…Thatโ€™s What She Said’, saw them picked for the Vans Warped Tour. We’re just hoping for an invite to the next Beer Olympics. We’ll start practicing now.

Find out more about One Days Notice via Facebook, Twitter and their own website.