Miss Vincent guide us through their recent UK tour with Energy

By Mark Johnson

Fresh off the back of their recent tour with Energy, Miss Vincent have put together a tour diary to detail their experience. Check it out below:

July 29: MANCHESTER, Satan’s Hollow

Satan’s Hollow a crazy place, with possibly the stickiest floors in the world. This tour we were selling our first EP on record with all the proceeds going to Mind, the mental health charity. We wanted to do more than just talk about the importance of it, and having leaflets and information on merch each night is a start.

July 30: LIVERPOOL, The Arts Club

This is one of our favourite venues, with awesome beams and arches and such a great vibe. It also has heads suspended from the ceiling, and the photo op was far too good to pass up.

July 31: BIRMINGHAM, The Sunflower Lounge

This show will stick in our minds for a while. The Sunflower Lounge is a tiny basement and the show was sweaty and loud. Birmingham always brings their A game, and tonight was no different.

August 01: GLASGOW, Audio

It’s been three years since we went through Glasgow. Three years! We were nervous nobody would remember us from that long ago, but we were so wrong. This show was a highlight of the tour – it’s always humbling to see people coming back and introducing their friends to new bands.

August 02: NEWCASTLE, Jumping Jacks

This is always one of the nights on tour we look forward to. The Dixonhaüs is legendary among touring bands, and thanks to an error made by the venue in Blackpool we were lucky enough to get two nights there. They’re such great people to be around, and it’s always so great to be able to hang out with them. What they do for the UK scene can’t be understated.

August 04: LEEDS, Key Club

Above the Key Club is Jumbo Records, which has a huge selection of vinyl records for sale. We came out relatively unscathed, but that was more down to being broke as hell than anything.

August 05: NOTTINGHAM, The Maze

Our first time in Nottingham was great fun. It sounds cliche, but to us there’s nothing better than driving round the country with your friends and playing rock shows every night.

August 06: MILTON KEYNES, Craufurd Arms

Another new city for us and definitely somewhere we’ll be returning to. On the way to the next show, we took the Energy guys to Anderton’s Music to try out some Victory Amps. We’re really proud to be a part of the Victory family, and it was fun to introduce our American friends to them.

August 07: BOURNEMOUTH, The Anvil

The closest show to home for us and despite the Energy guys having some van issues, another memorable one. Loading in backline from the back of a tow truck was certainly a first for everyone.

08 August: DOVER, The Booking Hall

From the dressing room in the venue, we could see the largest Banksy piece in the world in the distance. Obviously we had to go and see it, and it was rad to see it close up.

09 August: LONDON, 02 Islington

And just like that, tour was over. Energy were the greatest tour mates, and it felt far too soon to say goodbye. London helped us go out on a high, though – it never gets old hearing people singing our songs back at us.

Images by Georgia Penny.