Listen to the brand new EP from Safe To Say

By Maryam Hassan

We’ve got a treat for you today! Toronto’s Safe To Say recently signed to SideOneDummy and we have their new EP, ‘Hiding Games’, available for you to stream! This is a great one for all you post hardcore fans out there. Give it a listen below:

Singer Brad Garcia had this to say about the release…

I can’t speak for the rest of the guys, but Hiding Games feels more honest than anything we’ve done in the past. Every performance feels genuine to me, even now hearing it played back, months after having tracked it. It’s one thing to write and record a song, but it’s another to have an emotional attachment to each and every snare hit, chord, or sentence used on a record; that feeling resonates with me across all six songs on Hiding Games.

Writing Hiding Games was a lot different than anything we’ve previously done because of the amount of time we took going about every aspect of the record. Lyrically, sonically, and thematically we wanted to exceed what most people expected us to do. And that’s not to say just doing something different. I’d seen a shift in genre among a lot of bands both locally and elsewhere, which is totally cool, but after a certain point, the more people that keep “changing” their sound or identity, to whatever trendy, chorus-drenched post-punk flavor is in right now, the less genuine the music feels, and the less I really care about it. Sonically, we just wanted to write songs that sounded like what we would want to listen to. Simple as that. When it came time to record, we didn’t rush anything and took close to three months to finish everything. Cory played the biggest part in production. Being able to record it with a band member gave us complete creative freedom. Recording cymbals through guitar pickups, hitting drums with tennis balls, reversing tambourines, you name it. It might not always sound that great, but no one was around to hold us back from getting as weird and unconventional as we wanted. We spent a week together in the studio after tracking while he mixed the record too. And while I’m sure it probably drove him up the wall having us crowd his underground soundcave, it came out sounding exactly how we were hoping it would.

I wanted to make sure that the EP was more than just a collection of songs, but something to be listened to start to finish. I know people will probably listen to this and get thrown off track by the shift in sound throughout the record, but I want people to understand that there is a reason Bracelets sounds all over the place, just as much as there is a reason for Zoey sounding like a radio-friendly rock song. There’s a reason there are six songs and there’s a reason lines and melodies are repeated. On the surface it’s about being forced to deal with situations that make it seem impossible to differentiate right from wrong. There’s definitely a specific topic to be carried throughout the entire record start to finish, but I’d prefer a listener form his or her own interpretation.

The EP is out on Friday.

The band are currently on tour with Young and Heartless and are set to play Riot Fest for the first time in Toronto in September 18-20. Dates for the current tour can be found below: