Listen to an excellent new track from Merrick’s Tusk

By Glen Bushell

Growing up is never easy. No matter how hard we try, there are always people and situations that stand in our way, often for no other reason than to make life difficult for us. Nottingham based emo/rock band, Merrick’s Tusk, have transformed these obstacles into a vehicle for their music, channelling their growing pains into their forthcoming ‘Regroup and Reform’ EP.

“There is a central theme behind the EP, although we didn’t realise it until we’d compiled all the songs together,” says vocalist/guitarist John Jeacock of the release. “All the tracks tell different stories from the perspective of how I felt at that period in time, and in each instance put me through a process of maturing and growing. James [Stewart, guitarist] joined the band after we released our first EP ‘Sonder’, too, making the EP title ‘Regroup and Reform’ seem just perfect.”

Speaking of the track ‘Votary’, which you can hear below for the first time, Jeacock explains how the track the is about facing a fear of change head-on. “It’s a song about growing up in a small town and plucking up the guts to make a move to a city, so I could then support a lifestyle I’ve always wanted to have, especially with the closure of the most prominent local venues at the time,” he says. “But we all have our different levels of comfort and attitudes towards change. For me it felt like a big deal to make this move, and what really contributed to making me realise, was listening to other people complaining about their own lives giving me the push to do something about my own.

Merrick’s Tusk may tackle melodramatic issues in their heartfelt lyrical narrative, but above everything, they want to create music purely for the love of doing so. “Myself and Adam were part of another emo/rock band back in 2011/2012, which ended due to differing views on what being in a band meant to us,” explains Jeacock, discussing how the band started.

“After this we decided we wanted to start something new with our goal being to play plenty of live shows, which we both have a passion for, and enjoy the whole process as much as possible. This laid-back approach has followed us through to this day. We are determined to progress and build on what we’ve started as much as possible, but we’re always making sure we’re all on the same page and still enjoying the process behind our music.”

With ‘Regroup and Reform’ being released shortly, the band are already looking ahead to where they want the band to go, and have plenty to look forward to over the coming year. “The day our record is released we’re heading off on tour around the UK,” he says, speaking of the band’s humble ambition.

“Later in the year, at the end of September/start of October we’re planning on our first European tour which we’re super excited about. Once we’re back we plan on getting ideas for our debut album finalised and recorded. We’re hoping that the record is well received and we can make our first jump onto the festival circuit this year, play with more amazing bands, get inspired and continue to enjoy being part of a great music community.”

‘Regroup and Reform’ is released on April 1st, via Button Pusher DIY, and you can catch the band on tour throughout the same month. Have a listen to their excellent new track, ‘Votary’, below.

07 PLYMOUTH The Underground
08 NOTTINGHAM The Chameleon Arts Cafe
09 SALFORD The Crescent Pub
10 LONDON The Islington
14 ILFORD The Cauliflower
17 GLASGOW Nice N Sleazey