Let Future Death attack your senses with ‘Blest’

By Ben Tipple

When the guitars kick in sixteen seconds into ‘Blest’, it’s a short-lived homage to punk. Preceded by mechanical drums and followed-up by an audible onslaught that combines as many punk references as it does doom and electronic, the track proves to be both challenging and complex.

“This video represents the feeling of being blessed & triumphant despite imminent/unpredictable sorts of betrayal/abuse,” Future Death explain, going some way to indicate the lunacy of the visuals and their relationship to the track. “However, we prefer people to develop their own story and ideas about what we’re creating.”

‘Blest’ is taken from Future Death’s ‘Cryptids’ EP, available now via Bloodmoss Records. The EP experiments with new techniques and instruments, led by vocalist Angie Kang.

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