Lee Jackson’s ten tracks for this week

By Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson is back with another ten tracks to brighten up your week. Check out the updated playlist below and read on for why you should be excited for this week’s bands:

Heart And Lung – ‘Telecaster’

I came across Heart And Lung on a random browse through Facebook. A tiny, but absolutely fantastic, melodic punk rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Check out ‘You Wanna Know The Truth?’, which is out now.

Can’t Swim – ‘Even In Death’

Can’t Swim are one of the most promising new bands around at the moment. Having smashed their appearances at Slam Dunk, things are looking very good for the New Jersey crew.

Patrons – ‘Saorsa’

Plymouth’s Patrons are rapidly building a rep for consistently releasing banger after banger and ‘Saorsa’ is no exception. Keep an eye out as they hit the road with Haggard Cat very soon.

Comeback Kid – ‘Little Soldier’

The Canadian Hardcore Punks have nailed it, once again. In the middle of dates all over the world, the quintet show no signs of letting up. ‘Little Soldier’ is another rager to add to their already huge back catalogue.

Save Face – ‘Heartache’

Not having heard of Save Face before, this wonderful track landed in my inbox a few days back. It’s melodic and chilled, yet absolutely massive at the same time. New stuff coming on Epitaph Records from the New Jersey based group.

Smother – ‘Disgrace’

Smother released their new single ‘Disgrace’ a couple of weeks back. A huge track that has given the Manchester group a solid footing. Exciting things to come here.

A Wilhelm Scream – ‘The King Is Dead’

The punk rock riff lords hit the UK in a few weeks time. DO NOT MISS THEM! One of the very best punk bands in the world.

Traverse – ‘Asymptotes’

Having shared a bill with these chaps a few weeks back over in France, I was blown away. Flawless harmonies and killer melodies. Check out their new self-titled record which is out now.

Retirement Party – ‘Passion Fruit Tea’

Chicago’s own indie-punks, Retirement Party released their new record ‘Somewhat Literate’ a couple of weeks back through Counter Intuitive Records. It’s awesome! Go listen!

Not Scientists – ‘Perfect World’

Made up of some of France’s finest punk rock musicians, Not Scientists are a European touring machine. Constantly on the road, somehow the band found time to release the fantastic new album ‘Golden Staples’. Out now through Rookie Records / Kidnap Music.