By Chris Marshman

They released their debut EP ‘Your Love’ to some brilliant feedback back in October this year, and this week it’s the turn of Peterborough based Tu Amore to come under the Punktastic Introducing spotlight.

Tu Amore are a four piece consisting of Ben Mackereth on Guitar and Vocals, Ashley Morpeth on Guitar, Joe Davies on Bass and Karl Pickles on drums, and telling us a bit behind how they got together they said “It was Joe [Davies] teaming up with our drummer Karl. This happened for months before the band formed. Joe asked me [Ben] to join several times and I eventually came in on vocals and guitar and we then completed the line-up with Andi from We Are Fiction playing lead [guitar] before finally ending up as a four piece with Ashley replacing Andi due to his commitments in another band. We were really desperate to make music and had no intention at that point about making any official band, it was more of a release for all of us involved.” While naming the band initially came from Ben’s idea, adding that “Ben had a trip to Italy before starting the new project and had a few demos knocking about. When we started to play we thought we may be able to take the band a bit further than our practice space (a strange old mans garage.) We then needed a name so Ben decided that an Italian name would be good so that people did not sum us up before they heard us. When you choose an English name most of the time it depicts your music.”

‘Your Love’ received some incredibly positive reviews from ourselves and from others, including Bring The Noise and Already Heard, and obviously for a band who had no intentions to release any music in the first place, the response has left them extremely happy:

“It’s amazing. Like we said, we never wanted to make a band intentionally and when people started to dig it we thought it was time to put something out there for people to listen to. The support we have is amazing and keeps us young in all honesty.” The EP itself was recorded with Neil Kennedy at The Ranch in Southampton in April this year. The band had nothing but praise for Neil’s work adding “We always really enjoy the studio and working with Neil and the guys was a breeze.”

So what’s next for Tu Amore? Well the good news is that the foundations for a full length record are being laid. The band were already writing new material back when they recorded ‘Your Love’ adding that “We want it to be perfect” and when asked whether they felt any pressure to record a worthy follow up to the EP, their answer was pretty definitive saying “No, We are quietly confident in the new material we are writing.” They have plans to get on as many festivals as possible over the Summer and made a point of telling us how appreciative they are of their fans, they said “We always are always knocked for six by fan response. We have always set “career” aspirations or whatever but when we get really positive fan connection that’s what it’s all about really and for the most part it’s all for them so it’s really humbling to hear how our songs impact other people’s lives.”

Overall, Tu Amore are one of the bands you will be hearing a lot about in 2013. Their music is inventive and incredibly fresh and they’re not afraid to stick a screaming vocal or incredible instrumental work in too. They have a great attitude and an abundance of talent. An incredible band to discover if you haven’t manag

Chris Marshman