Introducing: Moose Blood

By James Brown

If you think that a band’s upbringing influences their sound, then Moose Blood are going to surprise you. Every band member comes from an unmistakably hardcore tradition, and they’re from Canterbury, a quaint hometown in the heart of the garden of England. Safe to say Moose Blood’s indie-tinged emo does not feel like an obvious direction.

Forget the hardcore background. Instead, recently released ‘Moving Home’ EP and forthcoming single ‘Boston//Orlando’ stem from a simple affinity to the likes of Dashboard Confessional, Brand New and Jimmy Eat World. Following the break-up of former projects Take Courage, Alaska and Harbours, it was time for the quartet to try something new.

“We listen to a bunch of different music just like everyone else does” drummer Glenn Harvey tells us. “When Eddy [Brewerton, vocals/guitar] asked me if I wanted to start a band that sounded something like Tigers Jaw, I was really stoked to be part of something like that for a change.”

Rather than jumping on the coattails of the ever-increasing alternative indie scene stateside, Moose Blood are in it to simply play music they love.

“It’s what we spent our teenage years listening to so there’s naturally a strong connection there,” Glenn continues, “All of us would probably be as happy to play in a band that sounded like Nirvana for the same reason.”

The love for their sound is evident throughout ‘Moving Home’. Although filled with references to American Football or Dashboard Confessional, it is the overall atmosphere of the record that really harks back to this musical style.

Overflowing with a distinct DIY attitude, distorted yet straightforward melodies and a suitably melancholic undertone, ‘Moving Home’ successfully captures the essence of youth and free mindedness. The band have previously played on their love of coffee and hanging out, and if anything, their sound conjures up images of relaxation around a kitchen table on a warm afternoon doing just that.

Have a listen below to Carbis Bay, a track from their debut EP.

“One guy came up to us at one of our shows recently and said he was surprised when he saw us play because on record we sound like we’d wear glasses,” recounts Glenn. Some people might be offended, but for Moose Blood it sits surprisingly well. “I completely understood what he meant by that.”

By moving away from their hardcore routes, Moose Blood are dangerously close to building a scene around their sound. This is reinforced by their attitude to their art. For them, playing music is not about a fast buck – it’s about generating a real friends and family feel.

“’Moving Home’ and ‘Boston//Orlando’ were both recorded by one of our mates, both records were released by two of our friends who run Fist In The Air Records and I took care of all the artwork for the releases too,” Glenn explains when asked about their DIY ethos. “We’re just trying to have as much fun as we can with this band and for us that means playing as many shows and releasing as much music as possible.”

This is not an empty promise – only two months after their debut EP the band are set to release new material, and shows continue to be announced thick and fast. “With every London show we’ve played over the last couple of months we’ve noticed a few more people singing along each time which is cool,” Glenn adds.

Celebrating an impressive cycle of DIY support slots, Moose Blood are quickly cementing themselves as one to catch live. Primarily playing shows in the South East and London, the band easily slot into a wealth of line-ups thanks to their abundant cross-over quality.

Their brand of off-kilter, sunshine friendly emo is bound to increase their exposure further afield. In fact, Germany (home to Day by Day records, the co-releasers of ‘Moving Home’) has already embraced the band.

With their new single on the cusp of release, and ‘Moving Home’ causing a stir in the industry, it is easy to imagine Moose Blood scaling new heights. The emergence of a genuine family feel around their image adds an exciting element to their already impressive sound. Nevertheless, the straightforward business of doing what they love takes precedent. “I think touring is all any of us want to do right now,” Glenn concludes. “Hopefully we can manage that sometime this summer.”