Introducing: Homebound

By Rob Barbour

As a band making contemporary pop-punk, a genre with a reputation for being as much about friends and fun as it is about introspection, the only way Homebound’s conception could have been more appropriate would be if it had involved pizza.

“Some of used to rock out in a metalcore band with terrible breakdowns and numerous synths,” says vocalist Charlie Boughton. “After a few years – and a look at ourselves – we joked around with the idea of forming another band one night…after a few drinks.”

Unlike the countless bands ‘formed’ over one too many fermented beverages – and let’s face it, we’ve all been there – the idea outlasted the night that birthed it and Homebound emerged, blinking, into the Surrey sunshine. Completed by guitarists Tom Mellon and Chris Wheatley, bassist Joe Aspell and drummer Sam Taylor the band have spent the last few months gearing up for the release of second EP ‘Permanence’, released on 17 July through Failure By Design Records.

Having recently completed a UK tour with Six Time Champion, the band are full of praise for their touring partners – and just about everyone. When they’re not actively trying to freak them out, that is.

“Ourselves and Six Time Champion recently made a spontaneous trip to Manchester on a day off on tour to see Trash Boat, Waster and Best Years to see how weirded out they’d be to see us there. No surprise that they were just a bit confused! We ended up all staying out way past bedtime at Deadbolt”.

If the peers cited in that anecdote are giving you an idea of Homebound’s sound, you’re at least half right. Unmistakably taking their influences from the current crop of world-beating Tr00 pop punk contenders, Homebound nevertheless manage to put a uniquely British spin on the fast-paced palm muting peddled by their contemporaries.

‘Permanence’ showcases a polished and assured take on the form – but for Homebound, it wasn’t a case of immediately finding their feet. “It took us a very long time to find our sound,” Boughton admits. “When we first started practicing we sounded like a completely different band; we didn’t really know what sound or style we wanted to go for.”

The process of collating their respective influences into a congruent sound has, Boughton says, been a “natural progression” leading to the release of ‘Permanence’. Rather than aiming for a specific sound, the band “wrote what we all thought sounded good and didn’t really stick to any guidelines, which brought out the best in us creatively.”

It’s an approach which stands in stark contrast to their method for 2014 debut ‘Coming of Age’ (which you can download on a pay-what-you-like basis at Homebound’s bandcamp page). Just don’t ask them how they use toilet roll.

“The worst question we ever got asked in an interview? We once got asked whether we Scrunch or Fold. I mean, for starters – who asks that? And secondly, who scrunches?!”

“With our first release there was definitely a game plan, which looking back was very forced and unnatural,’ reflects Boughton. “With ‘Permanence’ it was more about honing in on what we thought was our sound.”

With the EP available to stream now, you can judge for yourself whether Homebound’s sound is your sound too.