Introducing Brightr’s brand new video ‘Sleep Well’

By Mark Johnson

Punktastic favourite Brightr has unveiled a brand new video for ‘Sleep Well’, which we’re delighted to premiere today. Brightr is currently on tour across Europe with h_ngm_n and has recently been added to The Fest in Gainsville, Florida, this October.

Speaking about the track, Brightr explains: “‘Sleep Well’ is really the epitome of everything I want Brightr to be; a juxtaposition of anxiety ridden, self-doubting gloom, alongside uplifting melodies, hand-claps and hooks. I’ll admit when I started writing this song I was almost worried it might end up being the happiest, dare I say it brightest song I’d ever created. Luckily, gloom prevailed and the lyrics brought everything back to my usual mix of bittersweet hopeful worry.”

“As with every video I’ve made for Brightr I wanted to create something personal, something a bit silly and ultimately bring myself closer to the people that listen to my music. I’ve never understood the concept of making a generic music video with an artist playing their guitar in the woods, or in a car park trying to look as sad as possible whilst miming to their own song, it’s just odd. True, I write songs with a hint of sad to them, but I’m not a sad guy all of the time, in fact I’m pretty stupid, crazy and potentially hyper annoying most of the time. I love my family, I kind of like my dog and I very much like making videos with them all. With the ‘Sleep Well’ video I wanted to have my daughter’s dolls house as the focal point, the pivot in the video, then have all the other silliness around it, with an underlying story that the “red haired man” (kinda representing me I guess) is having trouble sleeping because of anxiety, worries and crippling self doubt, leading to him trying to snooze in an array of locations, with varying danger! I hope you enjoy it.”

Check out ‘Sleep Well’ below: