Help Punktastic and Songkick Detour bring Braid to London

By Tom Aylott

A few months ago, we were singing the virtue of Songkick’s Detour project – especially once Drowned In Sound managed to get Conor Oberst’s Desaparedicos into the UK for the first time – and now we’ve decide to try and get the Punktastic readers involved with a strong push on a particular band….

Braid are very long overdue on these shores, and we’d like nothing more than to see them in London… We can’t do it without your help though, and we need your pledges to get the band interested in coming over for a show.

If you’re new to what Songkick Detour is trying to do, here’s the way the pledge system works…

01 Vote for your bands.
We need at least 50 votes pledged make a gig happen/ before we reach out to the band, so tell all your friends.

02 Pledge to buy tickets. Your votes won’t be saved until you pledge. You decide how much you’re willing to pledge to see the band live.

03 Once the gig is confirmed, the ticket price will be set. We won’t charge you more than this, even if your pledge was higher.

04 You won’t be charged until the concert is confirmed. If you can’t go, you’ll be refunded. You’ll only be charged for one concert, even if you vote for 50 bands.

So, if you wanna see Braid, send them a strong message by pledging to buy a ticket if they come over:


More info on why we’re doing this is available in the forums here